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A Somewhat Expected Journey

My review of ‘The Soddit‘ by A.R.R.R. Roberts, newly repackaged and published by Gollancz Fantasy, is now available over at The BFS website. Link in the usual section above.

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Revised nastiness

The first volumes of Pendragon Press‘ planned ‘Nasty Snips Project‘ have been delayed and are now scheduled to release in February next year.

The Horror! The Horror!

Can finally reveal that my story ‘101 Damnations‘ has been accepted by The Horror Zine for publication in their upcoming, as yet untitled, anthology.

The book is due for release in early 2013 and contains new works from an extremely illustrious collection of names. Will put up more details nearer the time. Until then, you’ll just have to wait.

Publication delay

The release of Angelic Knight Press‘  ‘No Place Like Home‘ anthology has now been pushed back till January. This is to allow more time to get the edits finished ahead of publication. Will update more once an exact release date gets sorted.