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Stitch In Time

Published slightly later than originally predicted, the e-book version of Stitched Smile Publications‘ ‘Tenebrous‘ Anthology is now available for download from Amazon in both the UK and US.


Here’s the full list of contents from the anthology:-

  • Ghosts of Memory by Jason Morton
  • Born Politician by Peter Molnar
  • Boda Negra by H. R. Arswyd
  • In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Alice! by Ruby Pond
  • Gluttony Be Thy Vice by Nicholas Paschall
  • One Flesh by Ezekiel Kincaid
  • Infested by Mike L. Lane
  • Kairos Chamber by Feind Gottes
  • The Beast With Two Backs by John Dover
  • Hot Premiere by David Clark
  • All Boys Together by Richard Farren Barber
  • Trench Monkeys by Carl Barker
  • Back Seat Man by Wolfgang Potterhouse
  • Mercy by W. J. Renehan
  • Awakening by Tara Bennett

UPDATE: The buy links for the paperback version of the anthology on both and have now been added here and on the Publications tab.

Murky Visions

Ahead of the imminent release of Stitched Smile Publication‘s ‘Tenebrous’ anthology next month (which I’m in), just wanted to share the full wraparound cover with you all, which I think we can all agree is pretty damn awesome.

Tentative release date is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd September, so hopefully will be providing more link details next week.


Electronic Futures

The e-book version of the recent Issues Of Tomorrow anthology from Indie Authors Press is now available for download at both and

So if you haven’t yet had chance to check out this great collection of SF stories, why not head over to grab yourself a copy for the extremely reasonable present-day price of £2.99 / $4.16.



The Future, today!

OUT TODAY is Indie Authors Press‘ future-themed anthology “Issues Of Tomorrow“, which includes my story ‘Broken Machines‘.

A second SF piece from me in the last few months, this one tells the tale of Soriah, an abused pleasure droid taken in by an ageing off-world tinkerer, who helps her to understand what it is to be truly alive.

Featuring a bumper collection of work from 19 different authors, all exploring the question of ‘What If?’, the book is available to purchase from both and

You can check out the contents list below:-

One Story Short  – Gustavo Bondoni
Wildtopia  – Michael W. Lucht
The Definition of Johnny  – Damien Krsteski
Broken Machines  – Carl Barker
Walking The Mile  – Wayne Faust
Blur  – Brandon McNulty
Blood Is Red  – Mileva Anastasiadou
Waiting for the Show  – John K. Webb
Hela’s Brain  – Juliana Rew
Living Space – Frank Roger
The Portrait  – Adjie Henderson
Moments In Time – Gerri Leen
Joshua Was The First  – Kevin Edwin Stadt
The Mail Order Bride – Nidhi Singh
The Singularity  – Leah Lederman
It Comes To You In A Plain Brown Wrapper  – Andrew Marinus
Birthday  – Dave de Burgh
A Communicator With Animate Objects  – Dennis Mombauer
My Trip to the Circus  – Jason Lairamore

Blood from the Mummy’s Tome?

I’m pleased to announce that, after a brief revision, Terror Tree’s ‘Mummy Knows Best‘ anthology is no longer under wraps, having arisen once more on both and to terrorize the living.

Featuring brand new work from fifteen authors on a central theme, the book houses stories of mummies from around the globe, including Egypt, Latvia, Britain, Japan and Peru (as well as a couple of tales from outside of the box as well).

If you like new twists on a classic monster, then why not dig up a copy (just beware of the curse!).


Tomorrow slightly delayed

Indie Authors Press have recently posted an update about their upcoming SF anthology, ‘Issues of Tomorrow‘, which will include my story ‘Broken Machines‘.

The book is now due for a slightly later release date in December, which makes it a great idea for an early stocking filler.

More news to follow as it develops.


Electronic Nightmares

As of this week, you’ll now be able to download a copy of Parlour Tricks on your kindle or equivalent device, meaning you can scare yourself silly for les than three quid without even leaving the comfort of your armchair, bed or wherever it is you tend to do your reading.

Links to the Amazon download pages below and on the Publications tab:-


A less expensive hat?

The paperback version of my first collection, ‘Parlour Tricks’, is now available and can be purchased through all the usual outlets, for those of you who prefer your fiction a little cheaper than the hardback version:- / / Parallel Universe Publications

If you’re wanting to get your copy delivered in short order, I’d recommend ordering direct from David @ Parallel Universe as, being the publisher, he’s carrying a greater stock and you’re less likely to have to wait for a printing.


Of Gods and Monsters

The Autumn edition of The Colored Lens is now available to download from Amazon, and features my SF story, “神の狩人 (Kami No Kariudo)“.

Those of you familiar with my work will know that sci-fi is an arena I don’t stray into too often, so it’s always gratifiying to see one of these pieces get published.

You can order the latest edition via the following downloads for a very reasonably priced £3.67 / $4.99:-

The Hat Has Landed


Ladies and gentlemen, drum-roll please, as the hardcover version of Parlour Tricks is now available to order from /, priced at a very reasonable £20/$26. Stocks will be available shortly as we’re all just awaiting the first deliveries from the printers.

The book will also be on sale directly from Parallel Universe‘s purchase page, as well as listed with Barnes & Noble and Wordery soon. I’ll add links for all of these as soon as they become available.

Many thanks to both David Riley and Luke Spooner for all their hard word in making this happen, and to David especially for agreeing to publish the collection in the first place.


Devil worshippers stalk the ageing boards of Blackpool Pier, a scrap-yard automaton devours the souls of lost children, and a murderous priest hunts an ancient she-demon through the streets of New York.

A selection of horror stories to chill the blood, featuring revenant felines, garbage-eating clairvoyants, flesh-eating magpies and a severed head with murder in mind.