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Out Of The Shadows

OUT TODAY: The ‘Shadow Masters‘ anthology from The Horror Zine is now available from Imajin Books.

Below, as promised, is the full cover reveal, and a Table of Contents to whet your appetite. As you can see, award-winning editor Jeani Rector has assembled some serious talent in these pages.

If you’re quick, you can grab an e-copy from Amazon for the bargain price of £0.77.

Details of the various outlets you can buy the anthology from are listed over on the Publications Page.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to attend an online launch party (I just hope the booze isn’t electronic as well!).


Table Of Contents:-


Shadows drawing near

The official release date for the upcoming ‘Shadow Masters‘ anthology from The Horror Zine has now been confirmed as  Monday 27th May 2013.

Imajin Books will be releasing the anthology in both trade paperback and for Kindle. I should have an artwork preview to share with you all a few days before the release, so stay tuned.

The ‘blade itself

Have just heard that my story ‘With The Band‘ has been accepted by Niteblade magazine for publication in their September issue. Am really pleased with this one, as it’s a magazine that I’ve been trying to ‘crack’ for a while now.

Early days yet, but once paperworks done, I’ll update the site with a publication date etc.

Strange bedfellows


Author Lisa J Hobman recently invited me to write a guest blog for her over at Glipho, which came as something of a pleasant surprise.

Whilst many would suggest that our respective genres are worlds apart in terms of their subject matter, personally I think that romance and horror have a lot more in common than one might initially think.

You can read my thoughts on the matter here… and while you’re there, why not find out a bit more about Lisa and her work 🙂

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