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Insight into Horror

Those lovely people over at Cyber Launch Party are spending today celebrating the release of the ‘Shadow Masters‘ anthology.

Several of the included authors will be stopping by over the course of the day, to spend time giving people a bit more info about both themselves and where the idea for their story in the anthology originally came from.

You can check out what each of us had to say on the origins of their particular horror at either the blogspot or the Facebook event page.


Strange bedfellows


Author Lisa J Hobman recently invited me to write a guest blog for her over at Glipho, which came as something of a pleasant surprise.

Whilst many would suggest that our respective genres are worlds apart in terms of their subject matter, personally I think that romance and horror have a lot more in common than one might initially think.

You can read my thoughts on the matter here… and while you’re there, why not find out a bit more about Lisa and her work 🙂

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