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Sadly out of touch…

Well this is a bit embarrassing…

It seems that when I last changed my email address, I neglected to update the ‘Contact Me’ forms tab on this website, meaning that any messages sent via that page since then have been going to a no longer functioning inbox.
More importantly, it means that any competition entries submitted since 20th March have also not been received.
Thankfully, the address is now updated, and I’m extending the competition deadline to Saturday 30th April, to give time for anyone who previously tried to submit to do so again.

Apologies for this cock-up. My fault entirely.

Normal service has now been resumed.

Shadow Peephole and Release Dates

Have just received the final details from HauntJaunts for the Shadow People & Cursed Objects anthology:-

  • The Kindle version will be going live on 1st February.
  • The print version is currently slightly delayed, but the aim is to have it available within another 10-14 days.

In the meantime, Ken Teutsch, one of the authors in the anthology, has put together this funky little trailer to whet your appetites for the book’s imminent arrival:-

The Twelve Days of Dismemberment

For those of you who like your Christmas a little more macabre than most, here’s a little something to keep you in the horror spirit over the festive season:-

The Twelve Days of Dismemberment

On the first day of Christmas, my true love’s stalker sent by mail …
A ransom note written in blood.

(Not being rich or serious folks,
We paid it no heed and thought it a hoax.)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, he sent her back to me…
Twelve clumps of hair,
Eleven yards of skin (freshly flayed)
Ten sautéed toes,
Nine gnawed at fingers,
Eight extracted molars,
Seven threads of sinew,
Six pints of blood,
One finger through a wedding ring,
Four hacked off limbs,
Three bones with no marrow,
Two jellied eyes,
And her severed head in a box.

Horror Selfies

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) has launched a new promotional campaign for the genre – Horror Selfies. The campaign highlights the exceptional work, both literary and cinematic, produced by the horror genre. The HWA is utilizing the vast reach of social media to provide a platform through which people can tell the world why they love horror, and to promote literacy and reading among children and Young Adults, ot to support a local library.

Authors, readers, actors, directors, fans and followers are invited to submit a selfie to in which they hold a sign encouraging others to read horror/dark fantasy, to watch horror movies, or to write horror. The site’s homepage contains featured selfies from many of the genre’s biggest names (Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Ellen Datlow and Stephen Jones, to name but a few).

Those who submit get a personal page they can share with friends on social media, as well as the chance to win signed horror novels if they submit before Halloween. At the end of October a random selfie will be selected and the winner will get a whole swag of signed horror novels!

My contribution is below, and you can also access the page directly at


Horror Selfie

Con Man

So I’ll shortly be heading down to York for start of FantasyCon today and am really looking forward to it as it’s my first one. Will be great to catch up with some old friends and put a few faces to names of editors I’ve worked with over the last few years, not to mention all the great panels and readings on offer over the 3 days.

On Saturdayat 2pm, I’ll be at the Alchemy Press launch party for Urban Mythic 2 and will be on hand to deface copies with my errant signature should anyone ask.

If you’re at FCon this weekend and spot a slightly confused man struggling to remember the names of everyone he meets, do please come say hello as it’s quite possibly me.

End of the ride?

My review of The Ace of Skulls – the fourth book in Chris Wooding‘s Ketty Jay series – is now available over at the BFS website.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

It would appear that due to a total administrative cock-up on the part of my service provider, my longstanding email address has been irrevocably deactivated as of today!

Please can anyone needing to contact me either hang on a few days or get hold of me via my Facebook or Twitter accounts instead.

I’ll update all the relevant editors/contacts with my new email address once it’s set-up.



UPDATE (06/05/2014): New email address is now up and running. Details sent out to contacts. If you didn’t get an update email but want my new email, drop me a line. Thanks.