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Title Reveal

As the cat is now unofficially out of the bag from Parallel Universe Publications via social media, I can now reveal that the title of my forthcoming 2017 story collection will be Parlour Tricks.

Everything’s currently still proceeding on schedule, with just the cover left to complete, so I should hopefully have release dates and other news to share with you all fairly soon…

Out of the Shadows

cmroch-72dpi-1500x20005-225x300Just a quick one to let you know that Shadow People & Cursed Objects is now available for download over at Amazon via the links below. Full pricing details are listed on the publication tab as usual. Will update with the links to the paperback once I have them. Enjoy.

Download @

Download @

Update (2016/02/21): The paperback version of the anthology is now available via the following links:-

Buy now @

Buy now @

For anyone wanting to find out a little more about how the anthology came into being, check out Courtney’s press release here.

Cursed Contents

Haunt Jaunts have now released the Table of Contents for their upcoming Shadow People & Cursed Objects anthology, which you can find below. After a couple of reschedulings, the book is currently due out on 1st February next year, and you can find all the latest updates on the project over at the relevant page on the Haunt Jaunts website, here.

  1. Alice J. Black – “The Busby Chair”
  2. Carl Barker – “Murder for Dummies”
  3. Ken Teutsch – “The Storm on Promised Land Road”
  4. S. Mickey Lin – “Lady Winter’s Mirror”
  5. Sean Ealy – “Fatty and the Nothing Man”
  6. Keith Karabin – “The South Will Rise Again”
  7. Bary Charman – “The Black Flowers”
  8. Evan Dicken – “Doomsday, Every Night at Five”
  9. Emerian Rich – “Bye, Bye, Blackbird”
  10. C. Le Mroch – “The Gypsy’s Curse”
  11. C. Le Mroch – “Comeuppance”
  12. C. Le Mroch – “Pedro”
  13. C. Le Mroch – “The Mannequin in the Middle of the Road”
Terror set loose and TOC

As of yesterday, Terror Tales of The Scottish Highlands has been set loose upon an unsuspecting public, so I thought I’d share the table of contents for Terror Talesanyone wishing to know who the contributors are to this latest volume in the series:-

Skye’s Skary Places – Ian Hunter

Phantoms in the Mist

The Dove – Helen Grant

Prey of the Fin-Folk

Strone House – Barbara Roden

The Well of Heads

Face Down In The Earth – Tom Johnstone

The Vanishing

The Dreaming God Is Singing Where She Lies – William Meikle

The Curse of Scotlan

The Housekeeper – Rosie Seymour

From Out The Hollow Hills

The Executioner – Peter Bell

Saurians of the Deep

You Must Be Cold – John Whitbourn

Glamis Castle

The Fellow Travellers Sheila Hodgson


Shelleycoat – Graeme Hurry

Evil Monsters

The Other House, The Other Voice – Craig Herbertson

The Mull Plane Mystery

Myself/Thyself – DP Watt

The Bauchan

Broken Spectres – Carl Barker

The Big Grey Man

Jack Knife – Gary Fry

Tristicloke the Wolf

The Foul Mass At Tongue House – Johnny Mains

The Drummer of Cortachy

A taste for Terror

It’s been a bit quiet on the old writing front of late, what with some sizeable changes going on in various aspects of my life. But now that I’m finally finding some time to get back into the swing of things, I’m very pleased to finally be able to announce that my story “Broken Spectres” will be appearing shortly in the Terror Tales of The Scottish Highlands anthology, edited by Paul Finch and published by Gray Friar Press later this month.

I’m a big fan of this series of location themed horror anthologies and was overjoyed to be invited by Paul to contribute to this latest release.

The Scottish Highlands are a spooky place at the best of times, offering a veritable smorgasbord of eerie locations from which to draw inspiration, and I had huge fun on this one from the first page to the last.

The anthology is out in a few weeks time and I’ll add details of where you can get hold of a copy once I know more. Until then, here’s a sneak peak at the cover art and some of the writers involved.

Terror tales of the Scottish Highlands - final full cover

UPDATE (2015/06/15): The anthology is now available for preordering @ / or directly from the publisher @ Gray Friar Press.  Pricing and links also added to the Publications tab above.

A Wolf in Sheafed Clothing

itsagrimmlife_cover1smOut this month is Tacitus Publishing‘s inaugural anthology “It’s A Grimm Life”, which includes my story “Who’s Afraid?”.

As you may be able to guess from the title, the anthology collects together various modern reworkings of classical fairy tales, each one based on a Grimm tale and each embracing the darker side of humanity and the world that we know to exist in the shadows, just out of sight.

So if you’re in the mood for a bedtime story, why not huff and puff your way over to Amazon, where you can purchase the paperback or download a copy of the anthology right now. Full details can be found on the Publications tab above as usual. Paperback / Kindle Paperback / Kindle

Goodnight children, everywhere.

Starting the New Year at a canter

After a somewhat sparse publication schedule last year, it appears that 2015 is already shaping up to be a tad busier, with not one but three imminent publications on the horizon:-

First up, my dark fairy tale piece, ‘Who’s Afraid‘, will be appearing in Tacitus Publishing‘s inaugural ‘It’s A Grimm Life‘ anthology, currently due for arrival at the beginning of March.  Previously known primarily for their gaming support products and resources, this is Tacitus’ first foray into the world of anthologies via their Guilds network, so it’s great to be involved with them on this first project.

In addition to this, I’ll also be one of the contributing authors to a fairly high profile UK-based anthology, due out around roughly the same time. Other than the title of the story, I can’t tell you anything much about the project right now as I’m currently sworn to secrecy, but suffice to say, I’m a long-time fan of this series and am hugely excited to have been invited to contribute. I’ll announce more details as soon as I’m able, but for now you’ll just have to wait.

Finally, after the completion of their merger with Ragnarok Publications last year, Angelic Knight Press‘ publishing schedule will be recommencing with a glut of titles, including their long-delayed No Place Like Home anthology, which features my near-future piece ‘Lemming Revolution‘. Although a relatively new outfit, Ragnarok are definitely a small press to watch, and I predict great things from this newly-formed partnership in the months to come. To find out more about both companies, you can head over to Ragnarok’s Imprint page and check out the press announcement in full.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print for now. 2015 is categorically up and running, so check back for further updates soon and I’ll see you around.

…but is it Art?

My latest published story is The West Dulwich Horror – a nightmarish fusion of classical masters, living street graffiti and ancient unnamable horrors arisen from the murky depths of machiavellian publishing – which you can now get hold of as part of The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 (available from all the usual online retailers).

Launched at this year’s FantasyCon, along with several other great releases from Alchemy Press, the anthology contains twelve tales of myth, magic and legendary creatures, all set in the modern age.

It’s another great release from an independent press clearly on the way up, given that Alchemy Press also took home The British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press at the end of the weekend, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

For details of where to get hold of the anthology, check out the updated Publications tab above.


Mythic proportions

Alchemy Press have just revealed the following rather stylish prelim version of the cover for Urban Mythic 2:-


(Updated: 2014/08/05)

My Friend of Misery

My latest story ‘Kicks‘ is included in the newly released second anthology from Forgotten Tomb Press, featuring 48 horror tales from some of the genre’s brightest stars and up and coming names.

Miseria’s Chorale gathers together award winners, bestsellers, veterans and exciting new stars in one mammoth anthology that represents a broad definition of horror, taking readers on a journey to unspeakable realms and nightmarish self-discovery.

At 535 pages, it’s another whopping great tome and makes an ideal Christmas present for that horror fan in your life. Start adding it to your letter to Santa now people!

Links to where to buy it can be found on the publications tab as usual.

Miseria's Chorale - Full Cover