Miseria loves company

The contents list for Forgotten Tomb Press‘  imminent anthology ‘Miseria Chorale Vol. 1‘ has been finalised and now features more than forty authors:-

Christopher Nadeau, Patrick Lacey, Christian A. Larsen, Bear Weiter, Pete Aldin, Nick Kimbro, Todd Keisling, Cameron Suey, Carmen Tudor, Patrick Tumblety, Alexandre Mandarino, Jon Michael Kelley, Adam Millard, James S. Dorr, Sergio Palumbo, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Meghan Arcuri, Richard Godwin, Peter Crowther, Paul Kane, Ryan Neil Falcone, Aaron J. French, Richard Farren Barber, Jay Wilburn, Anna Taborska, Ken Goldman, Michael Thomas-Knight, Jon Ingold, Shaun Meeks, K. Trap Jones, Tim Jeffreys, Lucy Taylor, Caren Gussoff, R.W.W. Greene, Christina Murphy, Glen Damien Campbell, Bruce Memblatt, Peter Baltensperger, Peter Mark May, Lance Manion, Douglas J. Ogurek, Fred Skolnik, Alana I. Capria, Christopher Hivner, Dy Loveday, B.T. Joy, Christopher David Rosales.

Release date is still planned for November. In the meantime, you can find out more about each of the authors via the previous link here.

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